Get Your Air On Steiner Ranch-What to look for when choosing an air filters!

Steiner Ranchers Getting their Air On!

  • The potential effectiveness of the device under the conditions it will be used.
  • The need for routine maintenance, including cleaning and replacement of filters.
  • The estimated capital and maintenance cost.
  • The installation requirements (e.g., power, access).
  • The manufacturer’s recommended operating procedures.
  • The possible production or re-dispersal of pollutants, such as ozone, particles, formaldehyde and trapped gaseous pollutants.
  • The inability of some air cleaners to control gases and some odors, such as those from tobacco smoke.
  • Possible health effects from charged particles produced by ion generators.
  • Possible soiling of surfaces by charged particles produced by ion generators.
  • The noise level at the air flow rates that will be used.